Chalking of greenhouse roofs is extremely important in greenhouse horticulture. Are you a horticulturist, grower or contractor? Then you know that mixing concentrated chalk properly, can be a big challenge. Buitelaar Engineering has developed the perfect solution for this: the patented BuitMix mixing machine.


The BuitMix has been developed by listening to the wishes of the greenhouse horticulture world. The result is a mixing machine that is not only wear-resistant and can take a beating, but above all, is very easy to operate. The BuitMix contains a clear and simple control panel. For example, the machine is set to a mixing ratio of ‘buckets of chalk per hectare’. Manual mixing is a thing of the past!


The ease of use also goes one step further. Thanks to a special app on your phone or tablet, you can also operate the BuitMix remotely. While the machine rides over the roof, you can read exactly what is happening above you. Ideal for contractors: the result of the dosage can be printed out and signed by the customer on site.


The BuitMix is currently available up to 60 liters per minute.

The advantages of our patented system at a glance:

  • Wear-resistant due to high-quality materials;
  • Robust design that can take a beating;
  • Easy to operate, also from phone or tablet;
  • Mixing ratio in buckets per hectare and/or percentages;
  • Result can be printed directly for customer.

More and more contractors are discovering the unique advantages of the BuitMix.
Choose quality and ease of use and contact us today.

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