In 2010, Bas Buitelaar founded his company Buitelaar Engineering.
Based in De Lier, but operating all over the world, Buitelaar Engineering is ready for everyone.


Buitelaar Engineering started out in horticulture. Horticulturists, growers and contractors often face the challenge that standard horticultural installations are not sufficient. Consider, for example, chalk mixing machines that do not weigh and distribute the chalk well enough, or substrate units with insufficient capacity.

We offer a tailor-made solution for all these challenges. From a special water pump, adapted to the situation of a Dutch horticulturist, to a watering system in a ten hectare greenhouse in Canada; Buitelaar Engineering does not shy away from a challenge.


Flexible, creative and result-oriented. These keywords characterize our working method.
Customization is our standard. We always focus on the needs of our customer. The result is a unique product, which is one hundred percent designed for the specific situation of our customer.

We use high-quality and wear-resistant materials in all our products. As a result, our products last a long time, even with intensive daily use. Many of our products are also characterized by the user-friendly way in which the operating equipment is programmed. Installations of Buitelaar Engineering are easy to operate, so that everyone can use them. It’s that easy.


The driving force behind Buitelaar Engineering is Bas Buitelaar. Bas was born and raised in De Lier, in the Netherlands. His experience in horticultural technology is extensive. From climate computers to water management: the technical side of greenhouse horticulture no longer holds any secrets for him.

Fifteen years ago Bas decided to exchange his work as an employee for an existence as an independent entrepreneur. In 2010 he founded Buitelaar Engineering. You can safely call Bas the Willie Wortel of Westland, his home base. No challenge is too great for him and he does not turn his hand for a new invention. In doing so, he works straight to the target without  fuss.
His inventions are “ready while you wait”, so to speak.

Wij ontwerpen, produceren en programmeren uw installatie of machine op maat.